At Root to Health my commitment is to provide you with all that you need to obtain and maintain optimum health.  Good health does not have to be a mystery!

Natural healing is simple and pure in its approach to physical and emotional problems. It relies on building, enhancing and giving power to the natural growth and repair cycles of your body.

Teaching self-reliance is my goal. If you have a physical or emotional health condition, (or just want to avoid one), I can help you by working on symptoms initially, and then finding the underlying conditions to correct them. Once the process of whole health begins, improvements can come at an almost daily rate. Add a healthy attitude and healthy environment to your list, you will feel how liberating it can be to awaken to a new life of health that may have seemed impossible.



Root to Health produces its own potent, organic herbal formulas.  There is no middle man!  Quality is important and is a commitment that will not be compromised.  RTH provides the kind of products I  feel good about giving my own family and loved ones.  If I wouldn't use it, I would not want you to use it either. 

I will make available to you all that you will need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.  

Root to Health offers:

Herbal Health - Tinctures, Capsules, Teas, Ointments and Powders.

Aromatherapy -  Essential Oils, for emotional and physical complaints.

Education - Information always available, via, handouts, free newsletter, consultations, questions for the herbalist, etc.

Spiritual/Emotional Refocusing - Did you know you create with every thought? Find out how you can have all that you really want!


Root to Health's own "A Parents A-Z Guide to Alternative Therapies"

This guide will answer your questions on what to do for the various ailments that our children come down with from "A-Z" (Asthma, Ear Infection, Hyperactivity, Lice, to name a few).  Utilize herbs, essential oils, lifestyle changes and more to take the guess work out of what to use and how to use it. 

The resources you will find here have been tested and used on the author's own family and clients.  Become self-reliant and use your parental intuition to assist with your family's health needs.  You will learn how to develop your own "Natural Medicine Chest".

Acne can be a serious issue than most of people might expect or thought in the begining. These proactive reviews can certainly reveals more details on what we can get from this excellent product to deal with acne. Have a good reviews.

**Find out more information on how to get this guide, by visiting the Parents Guide section of this site.